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Notes on the Drake TR-3 Manual
D. Hinerman
30 May 2000

This set of images was scanned from an old and well-used Drake TR-3
operator's manual. I apologize for the missing or illegible pieces - 
over the course of many years' use (some pre-dating my involvement
with the accompanying radio), the manual picked up some wear and tear.
Notably the soldering iron burn on the first few pages. Sorry about that.

This manual should still be usable, however. All scans were done at 200
dots per inch, so they may be a bit large when viewed on a computer screen.
All pages are meant to be printed out on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

With a few exceptions, all pages of the manual are stored as GIF files to
keep the file size to a minimum. For monochrome (black and white, such as
text or line drawings) or simple color (i.e. paint program) illustrations,
the GIF format yields smaller files than JPEG. (If you're developing Web
pages, please make a note of this!) JPEG is still best for photographs.

Which leads to the few exceptions I mentioned earlier - the cover and two
parts placement illustrations in the manual (pages 28 and 29) are stored
as JPEG files, due to the amount of detail. The files are quite a bit
larger than the others, but are smaller than if they were stored as GIF

The schematic pages (left and right) are meant to be pasted together 
side-by-side to make a double-width sheet.

Good luck with your TR-3!


tr3.djvu (1 MB)

This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge.



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