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  • 2020-08-27

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JPS NIR-12 Professional Dual DSP Noise/Interference Reduction Unit

  A few months ago, I purchased a JPS NIR-12 on EBay.  It was supposed to come with the manual.  The Seller failed to send it, and said he couldn't find the manual.  After searching the Internet, I was stunned to find that no one had this particular manual, other than a site selling it for a pretty high price.  The manual for the NIR-10 was readily available on the Internet, but not the NIR-12.  After more research, I found that JPS used to have a website with the NIR-12 manual available, but that website has been gone for several years, and JPS was eventually bought out by Raytheon.  I contacted Raytheon, explained my need of a manual, (in.pdf),for the NIR-12.  I was contacted by a very nice gentleman from Raytheon, who emailed me back and included a .pdf of the 59 page NIR-12 manual, that he had found in their archives.
  So, I'm sending a copy to you, so you can put it on your BAMA Manuals website for others to download.  I know there are probably a lot of other Hams out there looking for this manual.

Scott KD8FXF


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