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This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge.

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ART-13 Card.pdf  Tuning Card for ART-13.
TO 12R2-2ART13-1.pdf  Handbook, Operating Instructions for Radio Transmitting Sets, AN/ART-13, AN/ART-13A, AN/ART-13B and Navy Models ATC ATC-1.  rev. 15 December 1956.
TO 12R2-2ART13-2.pdf  Handbook, Maintenance Instructions, Radio Transmitting Set AN/ART-13A.  30 March 1956.
These files are made available with the compliments of August Johnson, KG7BZ.

ART-13.pdf  NAVWEPS 16-30ART13-5, Handbook, Maintenance Instructions, Aircraft Radio Equipment, AN/ART-13, Oscillator O-17/ART-13A.  rev. 15 July 1954.  Originally scanned and made available with the compliments of Phil Mills, W5BVB.

NAVAER 16-30ART13-501.pdf: NAVAER 16-30 ART 13-501
Handbook of Bench Test and Alignment Procedure for Radio Transmitting Set


ART-13 Calibration Book.djvu (24 MB)
ART-13 Calibration Book.pdf (28 MB)
ART-13 Card.pdf (60 KB)
ART-13.pdf (37 MB)
NAVAER 16-30ART13-501.pdf (2 MB)
TO 12R2-2ART13-1.pdf (20 MB)
TO 12R2-2ART13-2.pdf (40 MB)

This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge.



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