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This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Do not be tricked into paying for a manual that is available here for free.

I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this archive. Contact and submission information below


  • 2024-03-05
    • I am testing a web upload site where you can send submissions. Once you have uploaded your file(s) you can send me an email with any additional notes that would help me organize your contributions.
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00 - Rider PA Manual FULL INDEX.pdf
(330 KB)
David Bogan Index w Added Models.pdf
(24 KB)
David Bogan No. 8 .pdf
(210 KB)
No. 01 Allied Radio Corp .pdf
(2.5 MB)
No. 02 Presto PA .pdf
(2.6 MB)
No. 03 Admiral Corp .pdf
(1.5 MB)
No. 04 American Sound.pdf
(3.2 MB)
No. 05 David Bogan Co.pdf
(3.2 MB)
No. 06 Bell Sound .pdf
(2.9 MB)
No. 07 Challenger Amp .pdf
(4.2 MB)
No. 08 Electro-Acoustic.pdf
(4.2 MB)
No. 09 Hammond .pdf
(3.9 MB)
No. 10 Montgomery Ward .pdf
(3.2 MB)
No. 11 Operadio Mfg..pdf
(3.9 MB)
No. 12 Optron Inc. .pdf
(1.6 MB)
No. 13 RCA Corp. P. 1 TO 100 .pdf
(4.9 MB)
No. 14 RCA Corp. .pdf
(3.9 MB)
No. 15 Radio Craftsman.pdf
(2.9 MB)
No. 16 Radolek Co. .pdf
(3.9 MB)
No. 17 Regal Electronics.pdf
(1.1 MB)
No. 18 Sears _ Roebuck.pdf
(4.5 MB)
No. 19 Setchell Carlson.pdf
(3.9 MB)
No. 20 Spiegel .pdf
(4.5 MB)
No. 21 Teletran .pdf
(4.3 MB)
No. 22 United Scientifiic.pdf
(3.6 MB)
No. 23 Zenith Radio .pdf
(1.1 MB)