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Manual for Skanti TRP6000 transceiver.
Compliments of Chris Roselaar, PA3FUN.


Hi dr. OM,
I just uploaded some six files containing the Skanti TRP-6000 manual.
The Skanti TRP-6000 is a 400 Watt AM/USB HF-transceiver covering 1.5 - 
4.2 Mc.
(Please see photo --> Te koop 8 juli 2005 012.jpg ).
It was used mainly by fishing-vessels in the 1980's and a lot of them 
have found their way to (European) radio-amateurs.
Normally it can only transmit on fixed frequencies.
By reprogramming the EPROM in the radio it can transmit on al 
frequencies in the 1.5 - 4.2 Mc range. Anyone interested please drop me 
a line.
Best 73's,
Chris PA3FUN


Skanti TRP6000 chapters 1234.pdf
(3.1 MB)
Skanti TRP6000 chapters 567.pdf
(1.6 MB)
Skanti TRP6000 page 8.1 - 8.18.pdf
(900 KB)
Skanti TRP6000 page 8.19 - 8.40.pdf
(820 KB)
Skanti TRP6000 page 8.41 - 8.58.pdf
(630 KB)
Skanti TRP6000 page 8.59 - end.pdf
(2.6 MB)
Te koop 8 juli 2005 012.jpg
(550 KB)