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  • 2020-08-27

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  • 2021-11-10
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    New manuals included from these manufacturers: eico, hickok, radioshack, and sencore.



Tek 514D Series A Manual.pdf

Manual for the Tektronix 514D Series A Oscilloscope.
Compliments of John Power.

Tek 514 serial 856.pdf

The manual (Tek 514D Series A Manual.pdf) covers scopes 
with serial numbers higher than about 3000 and seems to 
have been pieced together from more than one set of 
schematics. The attached manual covers the earlier 
versions of the scope and it is complete. It was shipped 
with a Tek 514 serial number 856. The schematics in it 
are complete and show the circuits before major changes 
were made in later versions of the 514.


Tek 514 serial 856.pdf
(26 MB)
Tek 514D Series A Manual.pdf
(9.3 MB)