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Manual for the Finco A-62 combination 6 and 2 meter yagi.
Compliments of Kerry Steffens, W0ON.


Just a note on the FINCO 6&2 antenna.  The manual neglects to mention
that the hairpin (Beta) match slopes downward away from the boom.  Also
the antenna is tuned on 6 meter by the gamma match which is intuitive.
What is not obvious is that the patristic stub 300 ohm match is tuned by
bending the 10 AWG portion toward the 6 meter driven element.  It is
reasonably flat across the band, but you can tweak the 2 meter phone
calling frequency a bit lower to almost a 1:1 match.  Also the matching
insulator needs to be shimmed to remove the air gap so that when it is
tighten down the insulator doesn't split.  Like all antennas, a good
reading on the ground still may need tweaking on the tower.


Kerry W0ON


FINCO Stinger A-62 Antenna.pdf
(140 KB)