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The PDF include scans of my TV-2B/U roll chart. The tester was
manufactured by Victoreen Instrument Co. The serial number is
357. The order number is 39186-PP-58-A3-(51). This information
may help identify the chart generation and issue date.

The chart was first copied at 150% enlargement and then scanned onto
20 standard pages. The first ten pages list tube types in
numerical/alphabetical order from top to bottom on each page. The
second group of ten lists tubes in numerical/alphabetical order from
bottom to top on each page. That is same format as exists on the roll
chart itself.

I have also included a copy/scan of the actual tube testers decal
that defines each item on a given listing line such as "Tube Type",
"Test", "Func", "Selectors", "Filament" "Bias" and so forth across
the chart. This decal is best printed onto somewhat thick and stiff
glossy photo paper and then trimmed so that it can be used with the
roll chart pages to set up the tester controls.

Frequent users of the tester can probably skip the decal as they
may have memorized the set-up procedure nomenclature on the chart.


(1A) ROLL CHART TV-2 07-30-2020 20200731_13580671.pdf
(8.3 MB)