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Manual and photos of Unique Wire Tuner.
Compliments of Ron Hensel, K9ZE and Tony Stalls, K4KYO.

"This is the manual for the Unique Wire Tuner from Ron Hensel, K9ZE, that 
he shared with me that I'm forwarding on.  There are two models, with this 
manual being the most advanced with the ability to add in a 1000pf and/or a 
500pf capacitor and swap the input.  Except for the addition of the 
capacitors, banana jacks and another SO-239, they are identical and the 
simpler one is easily upgraded.

There are five pages and in addition, three of Ron's photos that aren't a 
part of the manual, but are useful if somebody wants to upgrade their 
simpler model, which is what I'm going to do with mine." 


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